Most firms use automation to simplify management and minimize time spent on the account. Our technology stack is built for your performance. We use advanced datafeed software, scraping technology to monitor ad activity, site scraping to repair feed inaccuracies, feed extraction tools to build ads for other channels, an extensive alert system for ad performance or datafeed anomalies and more.


If you think we’ve spent a lot of time developing our technology and expertise, we can assure you that methodology is where it counts. Fancy tools are useless without a methodology to deploy them to drive consistent performance improvement. We have fine-tuned our process over six years of trial and error serving various specialty retailers.

Our processes for understanding your environment and matching our strategies to it are extensive, our communication and reporting plan is built with your needs in mind, and our performance execution model is built to provide you with continuous growth in sales, ROI and competitive advantage.



Our founder is a former CFO and has built 4 businesses using paid search advertising. He has inspired our culture for innovation, performance and the goal of providing a true competitive edge to our clients.


We rely upon specialization to achieve next level performance. We have datafeed experts, PLA analysts, text ad specialists, remarketing specialists, and a few veterans with serious experience in ecommerce and paid search ads who get involved in what we call “hero saves” that are highly valuable to our clients.


Unlike many firms that apply 1 or 2 analysts on an account using a paid search software that treats every client the same, we use an average of 8 experts on each account to customize our approach to the nuances of each client. Believe us when we say there are always nuances in retail, and when embraced they create huge opportunities for gain.


Our GS+ Google Shopping algorithm is the pinnacle of our differentiated expertise and drives unprecedented sales gain and competitive advantage for our clients.

A Few of Our Innovations

Unique brand text ad & brand PLA optimization approach that delivers big gains & eliminates super costly loss to competitors.

Unique, proven budgeting technique that reveals that many firms are not spending the right amounts on various ads, and gives confidence about the right amounts.

PLA Dominance that drives massive sales growth, protects from competitors and can even offset copyright infringement risks from competitors.

Unique techniques for finding new sales opportunities (automated systems used by most agencies neglect this).

Ad monitoring & alert tools to fill gaps in what ad networks provide.

Custom micro-sites to target high value customer segments

Attribution methods that go beyond the massive limitation introduced by the often default last click tools. This is especially important for retailers with longer conversion paths.

Usage of scraping technology to pull important data from your website that can be used to improve ad performance in multiple ways.

Usage of highly current data in your data feed (pricing, promos, shipping info, inventory statuses, etc) to power more effective ads.