Customer Acquisition Has Changed

In 2016, 55% of product searches started on Amazon, 16% of search occurred on other retailer’s websites. Outside of Amazon, the best place for your company to acquire customers online is search engines.

Should you sell on Amazon? There’s volume there. But there’s also a host of risks that you need to consider.

PLAs Control 70% of New Customer Traffic on Google
  • Google is the largest search engine.
  • Ads now take up the majority of the above fold space on Google.
  • 70% of non-brand (new customer acquisition traffic) on Google go to PLAs (study by Merkle).
  • This is expected to grow to 80% of non-brand traffic by the end of 2017 (Search Engine Land June 2017 article).
  • With Google and Bing, you get to control the brand experience, and your customer.
86% of PLA Sales Come from the SERP
Moving Google Shopping Listings to SERP Image

Only 10% of the available listings show on Google’s SERP but this is where 86% of sales come from in PLAs. Conversion Path’s model is designed to increase profitable SERP coverage to drive significant increases in profitable sales.

Amazon & Walmart are Increasing Investment in PLAs

Amazon & Walmart are increasing their investment in market segments that have traditionally been owned by specialty retailers. In order to fight this trend, your company needs a PLA system that’s designed to win in your space.

Win at Paid Search with Conversion Path

We’ve been developing our PLA system, text ads, remarketing, datafeeds, and ecommerce advisory capabilities for the last 5.5 years. We can help you choose a winning strategy with a real competitive advantage in your space.