Grow sales through search marketing

Product listing ads (PLAs) have become the biggest source of online customer acquisition outside of Amazon (which presents business risks), and we are the best at dominating PLAs. We manage text and remarketing ads too.

Align with distribution channels

Sell thru retailers?  We help you balance the needs of supporting retail partners where they are helpful to you, but also transforming the places they work against you from a vulnerability into a position of strength.

Mitigate the longer term company risks

If there is any risk to your business from the changes taking place in the market (and there probably is), you do not want to be the last to react, and we can help you implement superior strategies.  

Some of our favorite clients

Let’s look at the facts

Is your best interest being served?

Search for diapers – notice how you don’t see any from Luvs?  What can Luvs do about it?  Well, nothing.  They depend upon the retailers to run the ads.  So Luvs doesn’t get any love.  Or market share.  

There are lots of ways that manufacturers lose when they do not control relationships with their customers.  Sometimes retailers serve manufacturers well in physical retail, but do them a disservice online.  

The assumption that benefits provided by retailers have trumped the costs associated with not having control over customer acquisition and relationships, has never been under more challenge than now.

That’s why there was a 71% increase in the number of manufacturers selling direct to customers in 2017.

The market changed – benefit from it

Beneath the media hype are some truths about how retail has changed and will continue to change. The net of retail changes was decreasing sales contributions to manufacturers from many retailers. What started as a few manufacturers “defiantly” going direct in order to protect their interests, has now become a largely accepted norm, with manufacturers directly advancing their ecommerce sites, presence on Google, Amazon, and more.

You don’t have to go all-in on retailers, or all-in on selling direct.  We help manufacturers implement strategies that are in their best interest and balance direct and retailer interests.


Attractive opportunities for direct-selling manufacturers

Conversion Path grew up serving leading retailers.  In 2013, we started serving more manufacturers who sold direct to customers.  Most of our clients are now manufacturers who sell direct.  We’ve developed strategies that provide manufacturers with an accelerated path to significant competitive advantages in online customer acquisition.


A small sample of our capabilities valued by manufacturers

Product Listing Ads

We offer an algorithm not available anywhere else that allows our clients to dominate PLA’s in a way that others cannot.  At right is an example for our client Justice where they dominate a high-volume search term that drives customer acquisition, and does so profitably.  Our capabilities are unmatched in this channel, and it is likely the most important channel in your arsenal.

Capture your brand equity

If I’m searching for Adidas shoes, I probably want to buy them.  If I click on any listing outside of the Adidas listing at right, they will present Adidas shoes, but also Nike, Reebok and possibly even special offers from other competitors.  How is that good for Adidas?  It actively serves to reduce sales from the very people most likely to buy Adidas shoes.

What we offer

Retailer partners optimization

Regardless of where you are on this scale, there are ways to benefit.

Retailers have to maximize their own sales performance.  Sometimes that aligns with your interests, sometimes not.   CP understands the need to be sensitive to your strategy for selling direct and balancing the needs of retailer partners.  We help our clients in this area, and can probably help you with creative strategies that can range from addressing vulnerabilities in how current retailer partners are marketing your products (geographies, search coverage, etc) to outright dominance of your product categories.

Other Services

Our core competency is in paid search engine advertising channels

  • Product listing ads
  • Text ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Selling on Amazon via product ads, or
  • Facebook dynamic product ads

We also get involved in consultative support such as advisory around which channels to sell on, and how to best align your efforts with your goals.


Performance Metrics

What kind of manufacturers should consider our service?

If people would search online for your products (B2C or B2B), then we should probably talk.  While a major shift toward direct-selling has already started, it is expected to snowball.  Nike just announced it will sell direct and plans to cut down from 40k to just 30 retailers who can sell its products.  This and other actions are having a ripple effect through the marketplace for selling online that will cause more manufacturers to rethink their strategy.


Our one piece of advice:
Don’t wait and be forced to react to a change.  
Plan ahead.  We can help.