How We Do It

Through a human engineered & experienced team, process & technology that consistently out-performs machine automated methods used by mass-market solutions available today.

Higher SERP Positions

86% of the sales from PLAs come from the SERP. Get more listings on the SERP get more sales. We can do this within your profitability goals.
Moving Google Shopping Listings to SERP Image

Defend Against Long Term Threats

Amazon & Walmart are ramping up their PLA efforts as we speak. We can defend your long term interests blocking them from the SERP in your space.
Google Shopping Auction Insights Chart

Increase the Size of the Sales Opportunity

We increase impressions while decreasing CPC which gives our retailers a larger share of the sales opportunity than traditional mass-market solutions can provide.
Product Listing Ads Results Chart for Specialty Retailers

Conversion Path

We help direct-selling manufacturers specialty retailers dominate their market profitably in paid search and fight off competitive threats like Amazon.