Customer Acquisition Has Changed

In 2016, 55% of product searches started on Amazon, 16% of search occurred on other retailer’s websites. Outside of Amazon, the best place for your company to acquire customers online is search engines.

PLAs Control 70% of New Customer Traffic on Google
  • Google is the largest search engine.
  • Ads now take up the majority of the above fold space on Google.
  • 70% of non-brand (new customer acquisition traffic) on Google go to PLAs (study by Merkle)
  • This is expected to grow to 80% of non-brand traffic by the end of 2017 (Search Engine Land June 2017 article).
86% of PLA Sales Come from the SERP
Moving Google Shopping Listings to SERP Image

Only 10% of the available listings show on Google’s SERP but this is where 86% of sales come from in PLAs. Conversion Path’s model is designed to increase profitable SERP coverage to drive significant increases in profitable sales.

Amazon & Walmart are Increasing Investment in PLAs

Amazon & Walmart are increasing their investment in market segments that have traditionally been owned by specialty retailers. In order to fight this trend, your company needs a PLA system that’s designed to win in your space.

Win at PLAs with Conversion Path

We’ve been developing our PLA management system for the last 5.5 years and have built a proprietary system to help your company win your market segment in PLAs. We have the team, process, technology and expertise to deliver in ways that other mass-market methodologies cannot.