Following the Pack Won't Put You in the Lead.

We are a think tank for PLAs. We’ve spent thousands of hours testing, learning about, & refining our processes to figure out how to drive significantly better results. Most firms use some form of automation which is not compatible with the techniques we have developed to deliver PLA dominance for specialty retailers. Doing the same thing as everyone else can’t deliver superior results. We consistently deliver superior results to our competitors. It’s not even close.

Our Founding Story & Philosophy

Tom Bruce – Founder

Tom is a former CFO and has started and sold multiple businesses using paid search to fuel his company’s new customer acquisition needs. While working as CFO for an eCommerce software company, Tom was given the opportunity to take over as CMO and managed the agency that ran lead generation for the company.

Using his analytical & financial background, Tom created a solution to connect online leads to real sales outcomes. In doing so, Tom found that 45% of sales were coming from just 11% of the adspend.

The agency he was managing had a model of optimizing adspend to invest in what drove low cost leads instead of focusing on getting the right leads. Tom cut out the agency and built his methodology, leading to sales tripling over the next 9 months, & a sale of the company thereafter.

Our Philosophy

The mass market solutions deployed by most agencies & many in-house teams relies heavily on automated software technologies to increase work efficiencies. Since the most of the industry accepts this as “best practice.” The result of this in the market is that everyone gets a similar “average” performance from their ads.

Conversion Path develops competitive advantages for our clients by implementing more advanced methods than the mass market is able to deploy as their entire business model in many cases are predicated on keeping their over-automated systems in use.

Search is a zero-sum game. There are a limited # of people searching & a limited # of ads. If you want to profitably win the majority of sales available, it’s a mathematical certainty that you won’t get there by deploying the same techniques as everyone else.

Why We Focus on Specialty Retailers

Conversion Path works with mid to large specialty retailers that are a leader in their space. We offer PLA dominance to the clients we work with. You might wonder what this means. If you’re in our target market, we’ll be happy to show you the immense competitive benefit you will receive from working with us.

For us to offer our clients with PLA dominance in their specialty means that we can’t very well serve another client in the same specialty.There aren’t two winners. That’s why we only serve one specialty retailer in each market. That way our clients receive a major, highly valuable and exclusive benefit. Those not working with us are at a substantial disadvantage as no other firm can do what we can.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, attorneys, SEO professionals and digital marketing strategists from multiple industries. The best way to get better results is to have individuals who are willing to dive into the data, ask the right questions, and find the right answers to put together specific strategies to overcome the complex challenges within each retailer’s market.

Innovation is at the very core of everything we do. We’ve invented dozens of solutions, processes, & technologies to overcome the barriers to increased profitable sales through PLAs for specialty retailers.