Why Conversion Path?

Conversion Path was founded by a CFO turned passionate internet marketer.

We have developed processes that include analytics, accountability and creativity, all of which maximize your profit.

We work with online retailers and companies that drive sales leads online such as service companies, software and technology companies, and high value products companies.

Generate More Sales Leads

PPC To Drive Sales Leads

Exceptional lead generating programs aren’t cookie cutter. They are customized to your business and focus on getting you your best customers.

Conversion Path employs a unique model with proven results to:
  • Target your most valuable and likely-to-close prospects
  • Cut cost per lead by 65%
  • Deliver a strong ROI with a low risk to reward ratio
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Sell More Online (Retail)

PPC management for online retailers is often oversimplified at the retailer’s expense. Most ppc managers invest advertising budget based upon the goal of achieving the lowest cost to acquire a customer. The problem with this is that the least expensive customers are often the least profitable. Your budget should always be optimized to profit.

Conversion Path factors your cost of goods sold in our reporting and optimization so that your budget is allocated to advertising your most profitable products. Many PPC managers claim to be "aligned" with profit. We show you.

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PPC For Online Retailers